Click on the appropriate model number below. If you do not see your engine model number, please contact us as some items are 'engine manufacturer only', or may be new additions.  You may contact us by:

Phone: (206) 817-3413

2.40HE    2.50HE     2.60HE    3.110HE    3.75HE     3.90HE    4.110HE    4.110L     4.150HE

4.190HE    4.220HE     5.280HE    6.280HE    D2840LE     D2842LE    D2842LXE

D2842LYE    D2848LE     D2866LE    D2866TE    1300     1600    2100    2100T     4.180

4.230/4.240    4.380     5.300T    6.570-6/6.570T    5250TDi     K34    K.L.A.    L30   

MB180    MB220     MB300    MB300    P30     P30    R30

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